Sunday, July 31, 2011

Top 100 People on Google Plus

Google unveiled its new social networking site Google+ , aimed at making online sharing selective and more like real life.

Who is the Top Person on Google+?

It is Mark zuckerBerg! Who would gues that ?
The founders of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin are embarrassingly at positions two and three.

Top 100 Users on Google Plus

Mark Zuckerberg
Larry Page
Sergey Brin
Pete Cashmore
CEO & Founder of Mashable
Vic Gundotra
Senior Vice President, Engineering
Robert Scoble
Chief Learning Officer for Rackspace. Searching for world-changing technologies.
Leo Laporte
US-based Technology Journalist
Kevin Rose
I build things for the Internet
Felicia Day
Actress, Writer, Web Video Creator, Gamer
Ray William Johnson
clubber of baby seals
Tom Anderson
Enjoying being retired :)
Matt Cutts
Software Engineer
Marissa Mayer
@ Google
Markus Persson
Game developer
Gina Trapani
Writer and open source coder
Bradley Horowitz
Product Dude
Trey Ratcliff
Monkey with camera at a warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys.
Pete Cashmore
MG Siegler
Jeff Jarvis
Journalism professor, blogger, writer
Tim O'Reilly
Seth Godin
Blogger, author, entrepreneur
Sarah Lane
Media Producer/Writer/Host, Tech Reporter/Enthusiast
Loic Le Meur
Founder & CEO, Seesmic and LeWeb conference
Natalie Villalobos
Community Manager for the Google+ project
Guy Kawasaki
Author, speaker, and entrepreneur.
Kelly Ellis
Software Engineer
中華民國總統 President of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
Mark Cuban
Michael Dell
Chairman and CEO
Veronica Belmont
Video host and geek
Thomas Hawk
Photographer, Blogger
Singer-Songwriter / Writer / Actor
Ashton Kutcher
actor, producer, searcher
Chris Brogan
President Human Business Works
Chris Pirillo
Zee M Kane
Editor-in-Chief at The Next Web
Philip DeFranco
Video Maker
Evan Williams
William Shatner
Alyssa Milano
Activist, Actress, Producer, Designer, Philanthropist, Giggler
Andy Hertzfeld
Software Wizard
Gary Vaynerchuk
Drink wine
Om Malik
William Long
Blogger , Software Engineer
Danny Sullivan
Editor-In-Chief, Search Engine Land
Chris Messina
Open Web Advocate
Ben Parr
Editor-at-Large, Mashable
Briian Tsai
Steven Levy
Justine Ezarik
Internet person!
Sascha Lobo
author, advertising, stuff
Kassem G
I'm a joke maker.
Jason Calacanis
Matthew Inman
Louis Gray
Vice President, Marketing
Tom Merritt
Web video and podcast host
Scott Beale
primary tentacle of Laughing Squid
Joseph Smarr
Member of Technical Staff
Dave Besbris
Engineering Director for Google+
Jeff Huber
Commerce & Local @ Google
Paul Allen
Marshall Kirkpatrick
Technology Journalist
Adam Pash
Cory Bergman
Social journalism
He Caitou
New Media
Fred Wilson
Lisa Bettany
Photographer, iPhone App Developer (Camera+)
Steve Rubel
Edelman PR Exec, Writer, Thinker
Shimrit Ben-Yair
Product Manager
danah boyd
Punit Soni
Lead Product Manager, Google+ Mobile
Frances Haugen
Product Manager, Google+ Profiles & Search
Jennifer Van Grove
Startups Reporter
Dane Cook
life judge
Amber Mac
Owner (MGImedia), Speaker (The Lavin Agency), TV Host (CTV), Podcaster (TWiT), Blogger (Globe & Mail, Fast Company, Yahoo!)
Sarah Perez
Brian Solis
Eric Cattell
Joshua Topolsky
Darren Rowse
Caterina Fake
Bill Gross
Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of Idealab, Passionate Learner, Lover of Conferences, Sharing Everything I Can
Mike Elgan
Writer, columnist and blogger
Dan Gillmor
Teach, write, invest, advise, etc.
Brian Rose
Google+ photos community manager
Christian Oestlien
Jonathan Terleski
Xeni Jardin
Internet explorer
John Gruber
Joichi Ito
Director, MIT Media Lab
Chris Chabot
Google+ Developer Relations
Dave Morin
Co-Founder and CEO
Paul Buchheit
Trent Reznor
Brad Fitzpatrick
DeWitt Clinton
Software Engineer at Google
Dave McClure
geek, angel investor, venture capitalist, entrepreneur, blogger, internet marketing nerd

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