Friday, November 22, 2013

Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird for Microsoft Exchange mail

Microsoft Exchange is the widely used mail solution in buisiness world. Microsoft Outlook is the email client used with this . But if we have to configure mail in our Linux machine, we have to go for some alternative email clients . Mozilla Thunderbird is a good alternative for Outlook. It is also pre-installed in many distros (like Ubuntu 13.10 )To configure Mozilla Thunderbird for Exchange mail , we can use an addon - ExQuilla. This addon is able to connect to Exchange 2007, 2010 and latest 2013 also.

Installation of ExQuilla addon:


  1. Mozilla Thunderbird should be installed.
  2. Active Internet connection :-) offcourse to download the addon and to fetch mail .

Steps for installation:

  1. 1. Open Thunderbird .
  2. Go to Settings -> Addons.
  3. In the Addons tab,  Search for ExQuilla .
  4. When ExQuilla shows up in the search results, Click "Install".
  5. After installation, It will ask for restarting Thunderbird. Click "Restart Now".
  6. After restarting the client, Go to Settings-> Tools -> ExQuilla for Microsoft Exchange -> Add Microsoft Exchange Account
  7. See Figure 1: Provide your mail id (eg: ) and password. If your domain login credentials are same as email id, click "Next". If your domain login is different than your email address ( as in my case, my domain login details are my CompanyDomail\EmployeeID ), Then provide that details and Click "Next"
  8. See Figure 2: Now to use EWS URL , Do Autodiscover. If Autodiscover is not working, Contact your Exchange Administrator to provide the EWS URL for your Exchange server and manually type it. Click "Next"
  9. That's it! now thunderbird will fetch your mails from your mail server. It will take some time to download all the mails first time.

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