Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Stable version of Ubuntu version 9.10 named Karmic Koala released officially. You can download the iso images from here.(Click me)

If you want to upgrade from ubuntu 9.04 jaunty to 9.10 , you can either upgrade online from update manager or you can use the alternate cd.
Using Alternate CD to upgrade to 9.10
1. Download the alternate cd image from here.
2. Burn the iso image to a CD and the insert the disk to upgrade.
No need of wasting a cd for burning the image if the image is in the computer to be upgraded.
Mount the image using the command " sudo mount -o loop ~/Desktop/
ubuntu-9.10-alternate-i386.iso /media/cdrom0"
Then a dialog will b displayed offering oportunity to upgrade. If the
dialog box didnt come up, run the command using
ALT+F2 gksu "sh /cdrom/cdromupgrade" ;
( I recommend upgrading online..using alternate cd may leave some configuration files back)

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