Monday, April 12, 2010

Searching mails in Gmail

Recently i was searching for a method to get all my unread mails from my inbox in gmail. I felt it very difficult to search for it manually .So as usual i googled for a solution .I was really surprised to see the power of gmail search mail option. You can simply give a search for
.All the unread mails will be one isnt ?

See below options too .

Keyword what it will do ?

from:abc --- get all mails from abc
to:abc --- get all mails send to abc

is:read --- get all read mails
is:unread --- get all unread mails
is:starred --- all starred mails

in:inbox --- mails in inbox
in:trash --- mails in trash
in:spam --- mails marked as spam

Many options are there.. Get the entire list from See here

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