Wednesday, August 03, 2011

How to post Google + updates into facebook wall

How to post your google plus posts into facebook wall?

UPDATED ON 13th November 2012
Use Facebook App RSS Graffiti.

Choose RSS Graffiti from Facebook search.

Go to App
This is the RSS Graffiti Canvas page. You should authenticate the application to access your facebook posts.
Complete all authentications. Now installation of RSS Graffiti is done. Now configure your Google+ feeds. So Click "Add Feed" in RSS graffiti.

 Now give the Feed URLs for google+.
You can use any RSS Feed URL . Google is not providing any official RSS url. So many unofficial RSS feed URL's are active. Plusfeed was one among them . It was closed due to huge traffic. You can try You can get this ID from your google plus profile by checking the URLs . For Eg: the URL to your profile will be something like  That last 21 digit number is your profile id.

Give some name to your feed.
You can also configure the schedule(Optional) . Go to "Schedule" tab.
You can change the Frequency if you like to do so.

Save the feed ..done! Now whenever any new posts are added to your Google+ , It will be posted to your Facebook wall too..

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