Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Configuring BSNL MTNL Internet on D-Link Wireless N 300 ADSL2+ (DSL-2750U) Router

New year wishes to all.
In this new year, the first thing i bought from Flipkart is a Dlink router/modem. They provided some CD along with the product. When i started to run the application in it , It got stuck at some stage. So i tried the usual way i configure a router . So i thought of sharing this so that it may help someone.

Configuring The modem

Physical set up

  1. Unpack your router. Connect the power adapter and switch on. Now the power led will be lit
  2. Connect a LAN cable from your computer to one of the four yellow LAN ports. And see whether the corresponding LED start blinking
  3. Now wait sometime so that the router will assign an IP to your computer.

Accessing Advanced setup using any browser

  1. Go to any web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox ( or Internet Explorer :-P)
  2. Type "" as the URL and enter
  3. It will ask for password. Type password as follows:
    Username: admin
    Password: admin
  4. You will be welcomed by a page as shown in Figure
  5. Go to Advanced Setup and Click Add
  6. Now Add VPI values as 0 and VCI as 35 for BSNL and 32 for MTNL.Select DSL Latency : Path 0
    Select DSL Link Type: EoA
    Connection mode: Default
    Encapsulation mdoe: LLC/SNAP - BRIDGING
    Service Category: UBR Without PCR
    Select IP Qos Scheduler Algorithm to Strict Priority and then Save
  7. Now go to WAN Service and the click Add
  8. In WAN Service Interface Configuration, Just click Next
  9. Now in WAN Service Configuration, Select "PPP over Ethernet"
  10. In the next page , you have to set your service provider username and password. If you don't remeber the password, Look at your Broadband Bill issued by ISP. In case of BSNL, Username is printed at the top-right corner. It is of the form "yourname STD-CODE PHONENUMBER AREA". Eg : "xy1142125227_ncdl" . For password Contact your ISP. In case BSNL, they keep it as "password" only. Keep rest settings as default.
  11. In Routing default gateway, Just click Next
  12. In DNS Server Configuration, I recommend to use some Public DNS servers like OpenDNS (See more about advantages of OpenDNS here) or Google DNS. So Select "Use the following Static DNS IP Address" and Add Primary DNS Server: and Add Secondary DNS Server:
  13. Now in WAN Setup: Summary, Just skip clicking Next
  14. Done. Now just reboot your router

Rebooting Router

  1. Go to Management then Reboot in the Menu bar
After reboot, Your Router gets connects to Internet. This can be confirmed from the blinking of LED with an Earth icon .


If some error happens, just go through the below steps.
  1. Make sure your LAN wire is connected. For that Go to Command Terminal in Windows or Bash/Shell terminal in Linux. Type the command ping You should get ping reply a shown in figure.
  2. If the above is okay, Cross check your ISP Username and Password you typed in Step 10.
  3. Google!
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