Thursday, April 15, 2010

Downloading youtube videos

There are lot of ways you can download youtube videos.I will mention a few online downloaders..
Different methods are here:
  1.   Replace youtube in the URL by voobys
     If the url of the video is ,change it to , You can download the video from this link.

   2) Add "kiss" to the youtube URL
         So change the above url as
   3) Add ok to the URL
           Change url as

  4) Some other webpages where you can download youtube videos:
  5) For those who prefer command line terminal , use Youtube-dl package . You can then  download the video by typing   youtube-dl 
But remember downloading vids is forbidden by the Terms of Service of youtube and in some cases illegal.You can watch them on YouTube and you can, providing the video owner lets you, "embed" them to other sites using the code beside the video you want to show off elsewhere.  And you can use the email function to send them to people who you want to show it to.
All that is done on YouTube, directly on the video's page itself.  :)


  1. postin all illegal stuf n then escapin by puttin a DISCLAIMER ??