Saturday, July 30, 2011

Portfolio Manager plugin for Wordpress

WP-Portfolio is one coolest portfolio manager plugin in Wordpress. If you are a web designer or Search Engine Optimization geek, then probably you may have a lot of websites to be listed in your website. Then WP-Portfolio is your friend.

Installation and Configuring

Step 1: Installing

Either you can download WP-Portfolio plugin from here and upload it to wp-content/plugin or you can directly download it by searchin for it.

Step 2: Activate the Plugin :

Activate the plugin from Installed plugins page in Wordpress dashboard.

Step 3: Configure

You can Add new websites/Edit websites in the portfolio through the admin menus provided by the plugin. You can group the websites into Website Groups and can give the group a description. If you have an Free/Pro account in Shrink The Web, then you can give the STW Key and id so that the plugin will automatically generate the thumbnail of your website. you can also upload your own thumbnails for the websites.(How to make the thumbnail image of the websites ?). In order to list the items in the portfolio in pages, you can use shortcodes.

Short Codes
[wp-portfolio] - To show all groups
[wp-portfolio groups="1"] - To show just the group with an ID of 1
[wp-portfolio groups="1,2,4"] - To show groups with IDs of 1, 2 and 4
[wp-portfolio] - To show all websites without any paging
[wp-portfolio sitesperpage="3"] - To show 3 websites per page
[wp-portfolio sitesperpage="5"] - To show 5 websites per page

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