Friday, November 02, 2012

Firewall in Ubuntu

How to set up a firewall in Ubuntu ?

Firewall is already in built into your Linux kernel. You just want to configure it properly for your needs !

Firewall is for filtering all the traffic which is headed into or out of your computer. In Linux Kernel , netfilter subsystem take care of this traffic. You just add the rules for accepting, rejecting or denying the traffic.

How to add rules into netfilter ?

 Use the IPTABLES . Iptables are really complex and flexible . See Basic How to of Iptables here  . 

UFW, Uncomplicated FireWall

There are many high level user interfaces for this Iptables. One is pre-installed with all Ubuntu distros higher that 8.04 , ie UFW or Uncomplicated FireWall . See more here .  

GUFW, a Graphical Interface for UFW

GUFW is a GUI interface for UFW which is very easy to use and add rules .See more here

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